Coke Reduction Project, Day #8

I’m not sure if anyone has been checking here to see if I would elaborate about my success or confess my “falling off the wagon” in terms of my battle with Coca-Cola…but I thought I should update – especially for my own recording purposes.

Last Sunday, I wanted to have more than I should. I even bought a 20 oz while I was driving someone to Elk River. And I promptly spilled most of the bottle. What a bummer but what a laugh!

Monday (my birthday): I only had 1 can because I went to bed before drinking the 2nd can.

Tuesday: my boss gave me 8 twelve ounce bottles for my birthday. Now I have to leave dated cans in the fridge at home if I drink the bottles at work. Not too hard to do.

So far – I’m doing alright. I’m much more thirsty than when I drink too much Coke…and that is interesting!

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  1. Oh my goodness…I’ve been trying to lay out Diet Dr. P..Isn’t it the worst?? :)got you added to the blogroll at my place. so sorry it took me this long to update! 🙂


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