Today is My Birthday!!!!

I am 35 years old today. And most of the time I feel like I’m a lot younger than that, but I do like the “respect” that I am afforded by most because of the grey hair on my head. Who am I kidding??? 🙂

Things that I should get to do today because it is my birthday:
1. Sleep in. (My husband thinks that I did, but I wanted to sleep longer…kept getting text messages and voicemails. Those who love me waited until after 9 which is the official start to any day.)
2. Stay in my pajamas all day long until I can no longer stand it and realize that I have to shower. (Mostly true so far…but it is only 9:35 a.m. – see #1.)
3. Have the day off from work. (Not! I could have taken a PTO day, but I’ve used a lot this year and feel the need to hoard them – what if I need them for some real emergency or “good idea” – like going away with my husband?)
4. Drink more cans of Coke than I have agreed to do. (Please note that my daughter advocated for this, and I am the one who shot her down. If we make exceptions for birthdays, anniversaries, and every day that ends in -y, how will we maintain the integrity of the agreement? And, please note – I agreed to the Coke reduction plan.)
5. Receive a check from President Obama in the amount of my choosing. (I would want this to come from his personal account – not the government!!!!) Today, I choose $50K; I figure shoot high – maybe I’ll get something!
6. See people I love and want to see…and no one else. (This presents the obvious problem of how to have this happen without hurting people’s feelings – a value of mine.)
7. Be treated to a massage and spa pedicure at Kally Lily salon in Coon Rapids – free of charge to me or anyone else. (No explanation needed here.)
8. Eat a special-ordered ice cream cake – sans chocolate ice cream – from Dairy Queen. (Check. I heard the pastor order it himself – with me reminding him that I do like the fudge and chocolate sprinkles.)
9. Be at the beach in Rhode Island – Beaver Tail Lighthouse – for the sunrise.
10. Get #1-9 and then stall time…for about a week….or maybe a year.


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3 responses to “Today is My Birthday!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s filled with all kinds of those fabulous things 🙂


  2. Ok Birthday Twin, I mostly agree to the list and I accomplished the sleeping in. I’m obviously out on the go away with my hubby thing. I vote we make the massage appointments for next year. I fully support the check from the pres. In our family there is some sort of ‘I love you the most” game that is played on a birthday. Whomever calls to wish the birthday person Happy Birthday first- clearly loves that person more than the others love that person. Lori was the winner at 12:00 exactly. I think there should be some sort of laser gun that removes people from your site if you don’t want to hang out with them on your birthday. I also think that laser should work on incompetant drivers.Happy Birthday.


  3. You are too much!! I hope you were able to accomplish most of the list. I had my Coke today. I have one a day or else I get a nasty headache. Caffeine was my best friend before I became preggo!! So at least have a Coke a day. Love you and miss you!!


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