I have spent the better part of the past week on the road and without my family. That is not the part that I’m thankful for…I really can’t wait to be with them all on Tuesday!!!
-Wed/Thurs: Siren, WI for work
-Fri/Sat/Sun: Village Creek Bible Camp
-Sun/Mon/Tues: Brainerd, MN for work

This morning I woke up in an unbelievable bed (with GREAT pillows) and a decent lake view. I attended a few sessions at the conference, presented, and then crashed for the afternoon. I’m headed back to bed now (still early for me!!).

I’m so thankful that God provides rest when we aren’t able to create it for ourselves. Why is He so kind to me? To provide a great room with a great bed to spend the day resting – that is care.

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