Nearly three months have passed

Wow…I have not blogged for nearly 3 months. And the last time I blogged, I had just returned FROM camp. Tonight, I am actually blogging AT camp! 🙂

I just happened upon a new blog (, and it has inspired me. Actually – one of the worship team members told me about the blog. Anyway – after reading the blog posts, I am inspired…to try to blog more frequently and less “in depth.” I know, Billie Jo, you told me this 3 months ago. 🙂 Yes, thanks.

I am wiped out tonight, and I am heading to bed soon. Jen Woyke and I have been the speakers this weekend at camp; I finished up tonight – she has to deal with Sunday morning. 🙂

Our topic was great; what to do when life doesn’t go the way you expected. Finding joy in the midst of the trials…that is a hard topic.

The ending thoughts:

So when life doesn’t look the way we think it should…
-Don’t despair because God is in control and has a plan
-Remember that we don’t praise God because of our circumstances; we praise Him because He is God
-Remember that God redeems
-Know that Jesus Loves Me

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