I really love to blog. I do. But I don’t get to it. Or I don’t make time for it. Or I write posts that I then refuse to publish because they might seem too out of character for a pastor’s wife.

I haven’t blogged for exactly one month.

In that month, my children have each had a birthday. They are now 12 and 13. Josiah’s birthday ended 13 minutes ago. He is now 12. My baby is 12 years old. That makes me “not young” anymore. I have decided that I am not concerned with my own age nearly as much as I am concerned with the ages of my children.

In that month, we have had several pressing things…some of which can’t be shared on this blog because of confidentiality issues. But they have been time consuming and emotionally consuming…and when they are on my mind, it is hard to blog about something else.

We just went to camp this past weekend. That was well-needed. I need to get off of my computer more often, spend quality time with my children more often, and sleep well more often.

While blogging pushes me to think about things in a critical, filtered way, it also seems so public that I’m not sure about it anymore…

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  1. I TOTALLY understand. I often think about, rethink and then delete many things I considered blogging. But blogging has opened my eyes to being creative with words and it has giving me a way to express emotions, both areas in my life that need vast amounts of improvement. K.I.S.S. Right! Keep it simple silly, add some humor and a little reality.


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