Life Happens Today

I’ve had several conversations with different people lately about their lives. There seems to be a pervading similarity: they are all waiting for “something” to happen so that life can start. These somethings are part of a typical list such as the following:
*turning 16
*turning 18
*graduating from high school
*going to college
*graduating from college
*getting a job
*finding a spouse
*getting into grad school
*graduating from grad school

You get the point.

The problem with all of these somethings is that they are not an end to themselves entirely nor are they simply the means to the end. In between and during the somethings life is happening today.

When Kerry was in graduate school, we always said that we couldn’t wait until he was done with school so that life would be different (better, slower, faster, etc.). What we realized at some point was that life is the life that it is today. Waiting for the next something around the corner to make life happen or be better is not worth the time spent thinking about it – because it is time wasted in the present.

What are we going to do today to make life happen? Who are we going to notice, whose life will we touch? Life happens today. I want every moment to count.


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2 responses to “Life Happens Today

  1. So true, Stacy, so true. We need to live the present and not worry about tomorrow…it has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34Somewhat similar in thought to my blog about Life being short…live it and enjoy. Make the most of the opportunities…never know when your time has come (read it…it will make more sense).


  2. Yea…but…(huge sigh). Okay.


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