Fever 1793 by Laura Halse Anderson

If you have not happened upon the young adult lit author Laura Halse Anderson, your life is not quite as blessed. Anderson has a unique ability to write from an insightful teen mind. If one wants to understand how some teens think, this author will provide it.

A couple of Anderson’s other books, such as Speak and Twisted, really get into some areas of teen life that are difficult for adults to even consider. As a mother, reading Speak was hard on me because my daughter is in 7th – only two years younger than the main character. Twisted, while enlightening to see how 17 year old boys think, was also difficult content.

Fever 1793 is unique because the teen in the novel is a historically ficticious teen. The struggles that she encounters are unlike anything that you would find in contemporary teen lives, yet seeing the tragedy in Phildephia from the teenage girl’s perspective is highly engaging. It reminds me that 14 year old girls could be so much more than we are currently asking them to be. Tragedy allows this to happen.

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