Facebook – Reconnecting with Old Friends

Today is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is 2009.

I graduated from high school almost 17 years ago and went into the world forgetting about some of the most important things in life – my elementary school friends.

Where would I be today without Cheryl Laventure? She invited me to her church and then her church camp – where I met Jesus in 1985. She is just one of the many elementary school friends who became part of the peripheral vision I acquired starting in 7th grade and have kept until recently.

I joined Facebook quite a while ago with the intention of staying up to date on the lives of the many people in our lives. It’s not always easy as a pastor’s wife, but I try. I had no idea that Facebook would bring people back into my life from years and years ago.

So – my question is this: Why do we lose touch with our elementary friends?

It’s like something strange happened. Those people that we did Girl Scouts with should have been the people that we hugged at our high school graduation. Some of them were; I think – but honestly, I don’t remember graduation, and I wasn’t consuming alcohol. Something happened on the first day of junior high – and things changed. Then another round of change occurred on the first day of senior high. I can’t describe it; I don’t remember it; I don’t want to re-live it.

Now that I’m an adult, people become more and more important to me. And I don’t really know what happened to us all in the meantime – while we were becoming adults. A course of decisions to be made were presented to each of us, and we decided.

Thanks to Facebook, we can now find each other again. Perhaps an adult Girl Scout troop will be formed? I’m not saying that the friends I have now are not important. In fact, please do not hear that. The choices that I’ve made (and the paths that God has guided, redirected, etc) have brought me to a place with great friends. What I am saying is that I don’t understand how things go amiss…but I am thankful for a social networking tool that allows for re-connection to occur.

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