It’s amazing what my husband and I do in bed…

The title is honestly just to get people’s eyebrows to go up. There are just so many people whose reactions will be amusing.

I’m pausing here to enjoy the thought of a certain friend who will probably not read past this line. 🙂

Anyway – tonight we actually talked grammar. At one point, I was laughing so hard imagining us as a Saturday Night Live sketch – Bedtime with the Benders – that taught grammar to the masses of people whose brains are turning to mush (ever see Wall-E???). It even had theme music…at least in my brain. The pastor and wanna-be English teacher are at it again… *wink, wink*

Neither of us can think of the content of the phrase or sentence that brought on the conversation; however, our main grammar struggle tonight has to do with the construct of using “like” in comparison and whether you use the objective or nominative form of pronouns when doing so.

For example – which of the following is correct?

I can run like he.


I can run like him.

We decided the first because “like” is actually a subordinate conjunction with an understood verb at the end of the sentence (I can run like he can run). Fascinating, I’m sure!

We covered a lot of ground in our first episode of “Bedtime with the Benders” (cue music). Stay tuned for more riveting episodes. Next week: The Benders explore the proper uses of apostrophes and clear up the whole “its” vs. “it’s” problem.


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4 responses to “It’s amazing what my husband and I do in bed…

  1. Kinky and quirky, words I used to describe this type of bedroom behavior. I am waiting in great anticipation for the next episode.


  2. So THIS is what married people do in bed. If only all the young girls knew what they were impatiently “waiting” for…


  3. I do admit the title caught my eye!However, if you are going to say, I can run like he can, then that is correct. but if you aren’t going to end the sentence with another verb, then my vote is, “I can run like him”.


  4. Ah, Cindy….that is where we had to split some hairs.If we diagram the sentence (which we tried to do in the air…), which is more likely – that it is a subordinate conjunction or a preposition? You sort of have to make a judgement call! :)I even confirmed that like can be a preposition… :)


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