Clean Bedroom

Why does a clean bedroom make me feel like all is right in the world?

Today I awoke, did some laundry, and thought about the day. I heard Kerry “rummaging” around in the bedroom, so I decided to check in on him. It turned out that he was cleaning the bedroom. People who know us know that we lead a rather fast-paced life, and we often leave clothes lying on the floor in the hurry to the next need. This eventually turns to piles which, of course, turns into a major mess. The major mess had started to get to the point that it was impossible to walk in the already small room. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind small bedrooms. When the bed is the most important of the room and functional, all is well. However, when we start falling down in the middle of the night on the way to bathroom, that is a problem.

So – a messy bedroom had brought on the quarterly (or so) need to clean it out, dust, vacuum, etc. I joined Kerry in this endeavor, and we achieved a wonderfully clean room within a few hours. Just for good measure (since tomorrow is the first day of winter), we changed our quilt from the fall quilt (with autumn type leaves) to the winter quilt (with snowmen, gingerbread cookies, and snowflakes – sleeping under a manger graphic could be weird).

The point is this – I am so happy. I peeked in the room as I went from the living room to the bathroom a few minutes ago, and my heart skipped a beat. Isn’t that weird? Or is it just a sign that part of our soul truly resonates with the part of God that prefers order to chaos? Isn’t that what the stories of creation and salvation are all about? Creation = God bringing order to the chaos on a cosmic level. Salvation = God bringing order (reinstating relationship with Him) to the chaos that sin had wrought upon humanity.

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  1. Deep…maybe even deeper than the pile (scratch that) mountain of clothes I have growing by the minute on the couch in our room. I totally understand what you mean by looking repeatedly at a clean room, just simply to admire the spaciousness, void of all the clutter that once occupied it. Both literally and figuratively.


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