Things That Really Matter

1. My relationship with God.
2. My husband.
3. My children.
4. My parents…alive and those in heaven…biological and by choice…
5. My grandmothers…three still blessing us with their presence on earth…
6. My extended family…too many to name…seriously – try having 11 aunts/uncles, their spouses, their children….I’m blessed!

Friends…can’t list them all….

“Things” that really matter are not things at all. They are people…living (at one time or presently) and giving. I have lived in too many houses to get attached (though I do like the one I have now…but even that belongs to God – seriously). Cars break. Things clutter up the house. But people…people are what really matter.

This Christmas (yes, it’s 10 days away), I want to focus more on the things that really matter and less on the things made of matter. Because what will matter most in the end is that people were central to me.

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