Breaking Dawn (4th in Twilight series)

Ok, I have to admit that I was “forced” to finish Breaking Dawn. Yes, it sucked me in. 🙂 No pun intended, really. It’s just too easy with vampire books, isn’t it?

Sorry – onto my thoughts – again…the rules are as follows:
1) No comments in judgement unless you have read the book.
2) I may spoil your read if you continue to read this entry.

If you noticed my last posting, you know that I almost didn’t finish this book because it had crossed a line. That line was the creation of a “half human/half vampire” child. Bella and Edward get married and consumate their marriage before she is tranformed into a vampire. She has an accelerated pregnancy (any recently pregnant woman would be jealous of this part) before having a very traumatic birthing experience (not something of which to be jealous). This is where I stopped for a few days. I’m not really sure what bothered me so much. Mythological stories of gods and goddesses creating half-immortals have never concerned me. Why should a modern day “myth” bother me so much? Especially when the author has Bella and Edward wait ot have sex until after they are married? (The book describes Edward as old fashioned – this does bother me. Oh well.) I’m still sifting through the reason behind my discomfort.

The child (girl) is amazingly beautiful, grows at a rapid speed (aging much faster than a typical newborn), and essentially causes a war between Bella’s vampire family and friends and the ruling authorities (dun, dun, dun….). I hate summarizing, so I’m going to stop.

Thought #1 about this series: These vampires are “vegetarians” – they don’t want to kill humans in their need for blood. They deny themselves of their desires and turn instead to animals when they are thirsty. This correlates very well into a parallel of the sin nature that we all struggle with. Once we have chosen to follow Christ, we need to deny ourselves certain things and turn to alternatives. Positive think here.

Thought #2 about this series: Though very, very sensual in nature, this series does do an outstanding job of presenting a pure until marriage and mating for life theory. That gets a thumbs up from me.

Thought #3 about this series: As you may have read in other posts, I find many facets of the relationships between men and women disturbing. I stand by those thoughts but see them diminishing as Bella and Edward get married. I don’t think I would want my daughter or son to treat me the way that Bella does in her marriage, though.

Thought #4: I’m glad I read this entire series, but I’m not I would recommend them to others. They are time-consuming, consuming (can’t put them down), and disturbing at times. I have to reserve my recommendation for now.

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