Psychosomatic Illnesses – are STILL illnesses!!!!

I had the most frustrating encounter with a throat specialist today. He all but told my daughter that she was faking the fact that she cannot speak. After over 2 weeks without a voice, blood tests, and now today a scope down her throat, Beth’s diagnosis was “poor vocal functionality.” In other words, use your voice, girlfriend. After he ruled out any medical basis for her voice being gone, he questioned her about stress in her home, school, life, etc. Beth shrugged her shoulders and looked at me like, “huh?”

I am speechless (maybe it’s catchy!!!).

Update: Beth’s voice has returned. We talked through how things get used to being used incorrectly (like when we twist our ankle and baby it too long). She had a choice – figure it out or go to a specialist who would put another scope down her throat. I’m proud to say – she figured it out.

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