The Bad Waitress

When I find something great, I must share it.

Tonight, the Muddy Waters coffee shop disappeared off of the corner of Lyndale and W 24th in Minneapolis. I don’t know where it went, but four times around the block did not reveal it. So – a change in plans led me to The Bad Waitress on the corner of Nicollett and E 26th. First of all, Nicollette Ave is one of the coolest streets in Minneapolis around Christmas time (yes, less than one week after Thanksgiving is officially Christmas-time…well, Sunday was the first week of Advent, so it must be true!). The lights are absolutely beautiful…simple, but beautiful. And the corner of Nicollett and E 26th is one of those cool corners – it could be in a movie.

Enter: The Bad Waitress…a coffee shop but so much more! This cafe serves breakfast all day, has Coke (a must…if you know me), and serves the biggest Rice Krispie bars ever. When you walk in, you will find booths to your right and a variety of high top tables and lower ones to your right. However, if you venture far enough to the right (as my friend and I did), you will find an old brown couch and two sitting chairs. Each of the tables has a superhero or monster graphic on a card to identify it to the “bad waitresses.” To order, you must complete an order slip with food and drink (if desired, obviously), noting your table’s superhero or monster, and then go to the register to order and pay. Once food and drink are ready, your bad waitress will find your location based on the locator symbol (superhero or monster).

This cafe has a very non-intrusive way about it. No one bothers you over and over with “are you ready to order?” and the like. When you are ready, you take care of it. In addition, the bad waitresses don’t check in over and over to be sure that all is well. I am pretty sure if something were amiss, the good customers could approach the register as they did when they ordered and share the problem. I didn’t eat any of their real food, so I can’t say if I would recommend it to others. However, as far as Rice Krispie bars and a glass of Coke go, I give this cafe a thumb’s up.

As usual, my companion was more fun than the cafe itself; however, the cafe was a delightful find to which I hope to return again in the future.

Funny thing – as I drove home, the Muddy Waters coffee shop showed itself. I did laugh out loud as I passed it!

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