I’m just copy/pasting from a conversation on Facebook, so this is fast and random/not well-organized.

Ok – I promise to get to this before the end of the week…I just totally forgot to do something that will require most of my attention tonight for sure. I’ll say one thing, though. It’s dangerous on many levels, but the “obsession factor” is one of them. These are very much like the Harry Potter books in the sense that the first book is the …least innocent and leads to darker and darker books.
I’m not saying that no one should read them – but there is content (even in the first book) that is much more mature than most young teens can handle. When do we decide to deceive our parents? Should we deceive our parents? Etc.
Ok – more later…promise.

Next thought: The main thrust of the first book (yes, I’ll likely read all 4 of them…it pains me to have to be informed) is the tension between Bella and Edward. The depiction of him as beautiful, perfect, and bright…it’s deceiving because he is anything but this on the inside. It resembles the description of Satan in the Bible. Bella is drawn to him – and there is no explanation. She does not ever truly seem to have fear of him – more the fear that her life will not be “the same” without him. This is just classic enmeshment and provides a very unhealthy modeling of a relationship for young teenage girls. “I love him and that is all that matters.” NO! There is more to it than that – and do you even know what love is?Then there is the modeling of poor communication with parents. When was the last hero of a teen novel in a functional relationship with his/her parents?? Is art reflecting culture or is it creating culture? I guess I’m running out of room…

The problem with these books is that they are well-written…and are thrilling…and exciting…the tension is so thick – I literally read the entire book last night (granted, I’m a fast reader, do some skimming, and can skip over the dull parts). Ok – so more danger: Bella has no friends that are mentioned from Phoenix, she really doesn’t make many friends once in WA, and she instantly clings onto the idea of Edward. This is a girl with no real roots, no support network, etc. And he hones in on her. Now – he is essentially a pedophle. He is over 100 years old, and he is preying on a 17 year old girl. How am I to be ok with this and recommend it to my students – let alone my DAUGHTER! Enough for tonight…I would welcome interaction. I’m going to post this stuff to my blog – so feel free to go there to comment.

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