My dog is a carnivore….

This should not surprise me. But it did make me pause to consider some things about our own eating habits and desires as humans.

The story. This morning, as I diced tomatoes in preparation for a gathering tonight with friends, our dog (Bagel the Beagle) begged with his eyes to eat whatever it was that I was cutting. We do not allow him into the house, so he peers in through the porch window from his domain into mine whenever I am in the kitchen. He has not had enough attention lately (subject for another post…I could actually change my blog title to – “Dogs and Humans – How we are Similar”), and that makes him whine more. I am a sucker for his whining – it’s just so cute.
I decided to give in and let him have half of a tomato. This is where it gets interesting. At first, he looked at me in confusion as if to say, “You gave in?” Then he looked at me with a question, “What is that???” He stared at the tomato, licked, whined in a way that portrayed disapproval, and walked away. This routine repeated several times over the next 10 minutes as the tomato remained uneaten on the ground. He finally did give in and ate the tomato.

What does this have to do with us? Aren’t we the same way with vegetables? Sure – there are those who feign a love of vegetables, but do they really mean it? I don’t want to say that they don’t, but come on, people! Meat – that’s what it is all about. My dog knows it, and we do too! However, if we are not given meat, we will eventually eat vegetables. Right?

Just a silly thought….but wanted to share it….

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