I have two of them still living along with a step-grandma. They each have their own names, and they are each unique….very unique! I love them all….even though distance is a huge problem right now with each of them.

My Grandma Lois (aka Bubbles, Sweet Cheeks, Grammy-Cakes, and many other names that she thinks are very stupid!) is my mom’s mom. She grew up on a farm and has worked every day of her life in some way. She will be 85 in February, and she still goes to my dad’s (Rick – adopted dad) motel every day to clean the breakfast room and fold laundry. She knows a ton of people, and if she doesn’t know someone, she will still talk to them. Everyone is her friend. She still drives, and she goes to visit her “friends” in the nursing home whenever she is not too busy. I love her so much, but her body is starting to show serious signs of her age even though she still has the energy of someone much younger. When I was in high school, I used to go to movies with her, go bra shopping with her, and Christmas shop for eveyone (including me). I think she might have been my best friend then…she even was the first to know I was pregnant with our first child – she pronounced it to me before I even knew myself. Scary.

My Nana is my bio-dad’s mom. She lives in Rhode Island and is of English descent. She is very set in her ways, but she is each of her grandchildren’s biggest fan. She believes in us even when our own parents question if what we are doing is the right thing. She was not thrilled when I had a child right away in marriage. When I told her I as pregnant for the second time in a year (with Josiah whom she now loves dearly), she proclaimed, “Stacy Ann, you are a bright young woman. Haven’t you figured out how to prevent this sort of thing?” Nana married a man who was 100% Italian, and her mother-in-law probably had no idea what she was getting in a daughter-in-law! Nana learned how to cook for her husband, and her kitchen is the setting of some of my fondest memories…also some of my craziest memories (but that is another post!!!).

My Grandma Billie is my step-grandma. She is Rick’s step-mom…try to get the family tree straight on that relationship! I don’t know her very well, but I have great memories with her. She loved my brother and me…she lives in Iowa; I should go see her some time.

What are we without these women? They pour themselves into us and expect little back except that we think of them, call them, and send them pictures of the great-grandchildren…and we (at least I) pretty much suck at that! Thankfully I call the first two…but I really ought to reconnect with Grandma Billie. She was special.

I thought of these women today because Nana fell and broke her hip. That will really cut into her independence. I don’t know what the next few weeks hold for her, and I really wish that August was not here in 15 minutes….if I just had one more week of summer, perhaps I could go and give back to her…..

Another time…..

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