I had the awesome responsibility to drive support vehicle for a bike trip (fundraiser for camp) this weekend. While I was in the car (driving 10-20 mph behind the last riders), I had daughter Beth along for company. However, daughter Beth chose to stay and finish the trip (in a car) rather than ride home with me tonight….

There was silence in the car without Beth (and our book on tape).


That used to be a scary concept to me. We fill the silence, don’t we? Radio. Phone calls. Something to fill it…silence is not a comfortable reality for so many of us.

But silence – stillness – is where God works. Without silence, how do we communicate with Him? how do we hear Him?

I tried to fill the silence and found that the filler was too much. For most of the ride, I sat in silence.

But it was not scary.

It was not quiet.

And it was good.

God is in the silence…and He desires for us to be there…so that we can be found.

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