It’s not hard to make my mother-in-law happy…..

I honestly used to struggle with my mother-in-law. It’s a long story, and it probably needs to remain unpublished. One of the biggest reasons for that is because it’s history…and it can remain in the “annals” of my brain because the present is much more pleasant.

Today I drove my mother-in-law from Aberdeen, SD, to Ashley, ND, (90 minutes each way) so that she could take care of some personal business. We talked the entire way there, and we talked most of the way home….I think we were both tired after a good meal at the Dakota something (a cafe in Ashley). At no time was the conversation strained or difficult…it was easy to talk to her, and there seemed to be much to discuss.

This is new…well, at least new in the past couple of years.

And I praise God for that….and I praise Him that today I could make her happy doing something very simple….

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