A blog a day keeps the doctor away….

I have committed to posting some thought each day. I truly believe that this will be beneficial to my sanity. In a sense, it is the musings of my soul. In another, they may just be the senseless ramblings of someone who should go to bed earlier, get up earlier, and work on a laptop less.

But I must to stick to the topic – which is really “journalling” – for that is what a blog really is, correct? Journalling is something that I have done off and on throughout the years. It typically begins at a rough spot in my life (of which there have been a few) and ends when I have overcome. What is interesting about my recent journalling is that they have come from the assignment of a leadership development group in which I have participated over the past 2 years. Each week we were to write 3 journal entries, and we were to interact with the material and Biblical texts. This began an entirely different type of journalling for me. Rather than focusing on me, my life, and…well…me, as I was used to, I was to focus on material that challenged me in ways that undid the fabric of a tightly woven shell. I had created this shell fairly subconsciously, but God began to make me very conscious of it as we delved into material concerning integrity, honesty, prayer, and spiritual growth.

In the middle of year 1, we wrote and shared our “personal narrative” – the story of God at work in our lives. Wow! What an experience. To look back at critical incidents which developed, shaped, and molded me was awesome. More than that, though, I was overwhelmed with a sense of God’s preservation of my life, my mind, and my heart even in times when I was (as I would say it) rebellious or (as another would say it) “wandering and wondering.” This undoing of the shell began in about October 2006…and God has been working very hard on me since then to bring healing to my heart and soul in spite of and, to some degree I do believe, because of the “doings” of my own choosing and the incidents that occurred around me and to me.

Whether it be a blog, a journal, or scraps of paper, some record of our thoughts may be beneficial for ourselves in the future. Musings of the mind can be capturing…we can get lost inside of ourselves.

In a sense this blog is a prayer…taking the musings out of my own mind. When we lift them up and out of our minds to God who desires to come and sit in our corners with us….that is what is of benefit to us. Sharing them with another person also can have a similar balming effect on our souls…musings said out loud lose the power to control us. The thoughts that are fears are particularly true in this area. What if I told you this horrid thing about me? How would you react?

The amazing thing about God is that He knows those horrid things about me…and He shines His love through them, over them, and beyond them…and He draws me into the healing waters that create peaceful lakes within our souls….

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