Wanderings and Wonderings – The Phrase Does not Belong to Me

I’m amazed at how our lives intersect with the lives of others. We rarely have control over the arrival of a new person in our lives. Someone else is almost always responsible for the “new person’s” arrival. Someone else…and God, really. right?? And once that person arrives, our lives are forever changed…often in ways that are more numerous than we can count. Perhaps it is our perspective on life. Perhaps it is how we interact with others. Perhaps it is in how we approach change. Or – it could be all of it. Perhaps – it is just gaining a phrase that then can define us…in a way that finally fits.

Wandering and wondering…that is who I am.

The most fascinating intersection occurred recently in my life. I would be remiss to take any credit for the intersection. One friend mentioned the name of another woman – almost in passing she said, “You should contact (this person) .” I didn’t know this person, had never heard the name before, but my friend said I should contact her. I respect my friend; she is a wise woman. After mulling over the name and praying a bit about what this was, I decided to contact her and see what God was up to this time – for He most certainly was up to something; I could tell. Amazingly, the internet makes it possible to contact just about anyone as long as you have a few identifiers…where someone works usually does the trick as it did with this particular intersection. http://www.placethispersonworks.com/ – and there she is…or at least an email address. It was in the contacting email…the first unexpected interaction…that the phrase – wanderings and wonderings – emerged. She said it in a way that resonated so deeply in my heart that I wanted to meet her just so I could put a face and voice to the phrase. And I did…and God spoke. And now I wait to see what He will do next. I don’t know what is next.

I’m waiting…wondering…

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